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Myths about Healthy Food

Today people live in the era of global changes in all areas of human life, they use inventions of technological progress to make our life easier, they communicate and exchange information and knowledge, they have plenty of entertainment possibilities etc., but the place of food and culture of nutrition remained essential everywhere in the world, because food serves a great energetic means for supporting human organism fit and healthy. Of course, the culture of nutrition can vary dependently on the nation, family traditions, economic possibilities of a person, as well as on tastes and preferences of the person himself. You will hardly find the person, who never visited supermarkets or stores to buy food. Nowadays people begin consider culture of nutrition and selection of food for preparation more consciously and thoroughly. They begin to understand that healthy nutrition is a sign of well-being, mental and physical health, and, perhaps, harmony inside.

Certainly, ordinary people are not experts about right nutrition, that’s why there are a lot of food myths which are greatly rumored and spoken about. The great contribution to formation of myths about foods are made by advertisements on television or street billboards, where people can read statements that some food can be good for them or prolong their life. It is very easy to lose oneself in such diversity of advertising recommendations. Often the nutrition is inharmonious and wrong, because of rush tempo of modern life, when people may have snacks during the intervals of working break, and have no possibility to eat by the regime or home-prepared food.

Thus, the first myth appears: “Fast food is easy cooked and nutritious”. The fact that the products are sold in the store does not mean these products are useful for health. We really can’t compare home-prepared delicious dumplings, cutlets etc., when we choose ingredients we wish and cook how we like, with fast food, which ingredients can shock a buyer, if read their contents on the label carefully. They contain chemical, which help to store these products for the long-term period of time. Needless to say about all these chemical additives taste of the fast food, this becomes unnatural, and often unpleasant.

The second myth is ‘The vegetarians are healthier, than people, who restrict themselves in the food’. Vegetarians can be healthier, but we cannot say that they initially are healthier than people who consume the products of animal origin. Vegetarians can quickly feel a sense of hunger, because they are not able to easily combine the nutrients in food and snacks. Some think the person, who does not eat meat, lives longer. However absolute refusal from the meat, on the contrary, can get person sick. In particular cardio-vascular system may be damaged, as the meat products contain the necessary vitamin A, required for it.

Based upon this myth the next one appears. The third myth is ‘Natural products are better and can be eaten without limitation’. We may range this myth as partly true, as the products created by the nature, for example, vegetables, fruits, corns etc. have no any chemical supplements or gene modifications, that’s why they are full with vitamins of all range. However, any food eaten in the quantities exceeding the needs of the organism may cause harm. For example, the overabundance of fructose, which is contained in fruits and berries, can increase the risk of many diseases. Natural products are required undoubtedly, but their eating must be controlled.

The fourth myth is ‘Eating after 6 pm may be harmful and can lead to weight increase’. It is not very important what time the person eats, the more important what lies on his plate. If it is fat food eaten before going to bed, of course, it will be difficult for stomach to digest it, as during the sleep the metabolism is slowed. However, light salad full of vitamins may be more useful than harmful one.

The sixth myth is ‘The best way to lose weight is to get on the diet’. The nutritional consultants already proved that getting on the diet must be conducted under surveillance of the doctor, as the diet is not best and not safe way to lose the weight. Moreover, there is no diet, which would give an absolute guarantee of losing the weight. Effects of the diets can cause various diseases of the digestive system, kidneys, liver, heart problems, and psychological problems, stress, depression, connected with change of food regime etc.

On the basis of above-said we must think what food is useful then. The most useful nutrition is balanced eating with plenty of natural products rich in vitamins. Before laying the slice of some food in the mouth the person must think: “What does my body benefit from this food? Vitamins? Fats? Satisfaction with taste? etc. Eating is not only necessary, it a satisfaction or fun, but it does not mean we must put in mouth everything we lay eye on without control or limitation. Overconsumption of food will lead to obesity and occurrence of diseases, so this satisfaction will be doubtful. Every piece of food should be chewed 32 times. So if you sit at the table, it will be good to put away all you businesses and eat slow, without swallowing big slices, because you are lack in time. Whenever possible, try to adhere to the eating regime, but very strict mode and eating frequency are rather prescribed to sick people, who need special diet, so some deviations from the regime are not so bad. What is more important eat natural food and reasonably listen to the signal of your body.

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